Endorsed by the Standing Committee on Measurements, Instrumentation and Traceability (SC-MINT) of WMO Commission for Observation, Infrastructures and Information Systems (INFCOM)


Waiting for MMC is the title of the 2021 MMC webinar, that will be organized 26-28 October 2021, starting at 11:00 CEST (GMT+2). The event will be organized on a web platform and will be free of charge.

It is expected that the webinar will include reports and talks from:

  • The “Air Temperature Metrology” – ATM 149 EURAMET Project,
  • The Copernicus C3S 311a Lot 3
  • The WMO SC-MINT/Expert Team on “Measurement Uncertainties” and “CRS group”
  • The BIPM CCT Working Group Environment (and TG Air)

The webinar will be focused on two main topics:

  1. Air temperature
  2. Uncertainties in environmental measurements, including climate references and the cryosphere

The schedule will be based on three groups of 3 hour sessions, with a pause in the middle, on the three days.


IOPScience’s “Measurement Science and Technology has granted a full special issue of their journal to “Waiting for MMC” webinar!

If you want to know more, please go to their website by clicking here.


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