Since 1983, Delta Strumenti represents in Italy some of the most prestigious foreign brands, all of which ISO 9001:2000-certified, producing sensors and measurement instruments for industrial processes and scientific research.

Measurements International (or simply MI) specializes in providing products and services in two different and key areas: electrical metrology and electrical power transformer testing.

Widely acknowledged as the preferred provider of electrical metrology products and services, MI is used by the majority of National Measurement Institutes as well as hundreds of industrial primary standards laboratories worldwide

We are a Slovenian-based family company.

With 30 years of experience, Kambič is a specialized supplier in the field of design, production and validation of metrology equipment.

Our goal is to be the preferred partner delivering the ideal balance between optimized solutions, quality and investment costs.

CalPower is specialized in the distribution of innovative solutions for control and measurement. Our products line includes instruments of eminent international brands for: electrical metrology, time and frequency, RF, thermometry, pressure and flow, digital oscilloscopes, DC and AC programmable power supply etc. Always focused on the latest market news, thanks to the specialized staff with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, CalPower can offer technically advanced and state-of-the-art solutions.


Finapp is an innovative start up that changes the way of measuring water. From Soil Moisture to Snow- Water Equivalent: large and in depth footprint evaluation, with a single Finapp Cosmic-Ray Neutron sensor, is now possible!


The hidden gem of the professional meteorological industry. Barani is a manufacturer of sensors and weather stations for early warning systems and climatology. Their early-warning monitoring solutions based on aerospace knowledge exceed WMO standards. Offering a unique combination of accuracy, low maintenance, and easy installation for measurement in remote locations and extreme weather.

MicroStep-MIS company has been operating in the area of environmental monitoring since 1993. For the past 27 years we have established ourselves as an accepted and respected worldwide player in the field.

Our aim is to do our business with high ethical standards, distinguished respect to our partners’ needs, and within the framework of our core values. We believe in the power of constant development, ongoing research, and steady innovation. The final outcome is an effective and timely weather-related decision-making by our clients which is based on reliable and timely data provided by our monitoring systems.